Why does Calgary Divorce Solutions offer a free consultation for approximately 1 hour as your first initial step?

So I can assist you both in understanding what to expect from a mediation process and to lessen some of your anxiety about the whole topic of divorce and separation by providing you with a step by step process that I know works.

It’s such a vulnerable stage of your life; feelings of lack of control, lack of direction, lack of education about the whole topic itself. Not to mention the emotions; the hurt, the confusion, the anger, the concern and most of all the FEAR. These are all real and as much as it’s not what you want to hear…..it’s normal.

The most important thing to remember is that when you’re feeling some of these things, it often opens you up to making some rash decisions or taking impulsive steps like running to the legal system. The most important decision you’ll need to make is who you will hire to help you.

I can’t express enough, how taking a step back from the anxiety, taking a deep breath and exploring your options to the process you choose, will save you so much money, time and pain. I often hear from people who have already been divorced or separated that they wished they new of me, my service and my company when they were first faced with the topic.

Don’t be one of those who wishes they did it differently after experiencing the chaos of litigating your divorce, instead be one of those who highly recommends mediation because you got through it without a winner and a loser.

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