Top 5 reasons couples separate or divorce 

  1. Different values and interests – (this is huge, do your homework prior to marriage; do you want kids? If so, how many? What will your role be in your marriage, stay at home parent/will both of you work? What are your education desires? Will you both be involved with running the finances, budgets etc in your home/family? Where do you see yourselves living? What are your faiths, do they have some common ground?)
  2. Abuse — physical and emotional (over controlling behaviors are toxic in a relationship)
  3. Alcohol and drugs – (I’d also add gambling, porn addictions)
  4. Infidelity – (this can also include internet relationships outside of your marriage)
  5. Career-related conflict – (working away from your family can cause some to disconnect)

If you’re clear it’s over, then WHAT got you here isn’t what you need to focus on to move forward, taking the next step is;

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**comments in brackets are my opinion only and as a result of my experience working with countless couples over 8 years in a mediation environment when faced with separation/divorce.

Source: Vanier Institute of the Family

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