Linda Roberts

CDFA, Divorce Negotiations, Calgary Divorce Specialist & Commissioner for Oaths, 15 yrs Industry Experience

Calgary Divorce Solutions Inc.


CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst)
Completed Conflict Resolution Designation @ MRU
Member of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Institute of Canada

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta with over 20 years of experience in sales with a genuine entrepreneurial nature that resulted in owning several businesses over the last decade. Today is a mother of 2 creative, busy sons and running a business that’s become her true passion.

“Has she been where you are?” There’s never 2 stories alike, but after 6 years of litigating through her own divorce, spending over $100K, what she learned was there’s definitely the wrong way and then there’s the “right way.”

My mission……. to continue to work with clients in a fair, respectful, trusted environment when faced with the huge transition of separation/divorce. To value my clients’ voices so the resolution has no surprises since their participation in the process is building the agreement as we go.


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