Calgary Divorce Solutions is proud to have officially opened its doors in our new location on July 01, 2014. My name is Linda Roberts and I’m the Owner of Calgary Divorce Solutions. As a Mediator, a CDFA and Commissioner for Oaths it’s been my privilege to assist many of clients over the last 15 years in this industry to get through this major transition in a respectful manner.

So my path began by enrolling and completing a Conflict Resolution/Mediation Program at (MRC) what today is known as Mount Royal University located here in Calgary. By utilizing the knowledge I gained from my education years of working towards an undergraduate degree in Psychology, I found there was some crossover for how to remain empathetic to those going through life’s hurdles. I went on to also gain my Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation/CDFA, and a Commissioner for Oaths designation, so today my services include mediation for the purpose of gaining a separation agreement and completing the final divorce documents to close both of these chapters for my clients.

I chose to open my own office after spending my first 6 years assisting Fairway Divorce Solutions establish the Calgary flagship office and working along side the 1st Calgary Franchised Office. I always knew that my entrepreneurial desires would lead me to my own company again, so Calgary Divorce Solutions was created. It seemed to be a natural fit for me to learn the industry from the inside out by working for someone else, so that’s what I did until July 01st, 2014, when I began the next chapter of my career by working for myself in this same industry that I continue to be passionate about today 15 years later.

My mission to help others through this life changing event came as a result of my own personal divorce lasting 6 years, costing more than $100,000 with countless times asking myself “when will this end?”  Throughout those long 6 years, attending court over and over again only to learn how ununified the system is, how different Justices rule, and most importantly  wishing there was a end to the chaos that allows me to have a say in the outcome. Sadly, so long as 1 of you have the desire to use the court system to WIN, to PUNISH the opposing Party for your emotional pain, then you as the Party who doesn’t want to be there is forced to, since by default, the Party who is brining the matter to the courts and attends as scheduled will likely get what they set out to simply out of the other Party not attending.

What that system taught me, is that it’s more about WHO can stand the stress the longest, and WHO can pay the most in legal fees, it’s not about what’s FAIR, it’s not a TRUSTED system and there’s nothing EASY about any minute you spend in it.


To summarize the services via my company, Calgary Divorce Solutions; I assist in walking you through a process that is cost & time efficient and provides you with the education required to ensure you’re fully informed and allows you to be a part of the process, not the result of a litigation process that you leave broke and dumfounded by.

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