CDS – Calgary Divorce Solutions
403 460-2800, offering a free 1 hour consultation

Separation and Divorce is Never EASY, but methodically there is a way through this huge transition without adding more stress, more financial hardship and lingering periods of being stuck in the unknown.

I’ve been in this industry helping many couples of all industries, from a stay at home parent to CEOs, business owners, lawyers who aren’t familiar with how family topics are dealt with, no one’s beyond this happening to them.

Do your homework when finding a professional to assist you through this process; cost – Are the prices you’re being quoted for a service due to high overhead that company needs to cover? Is that company more interested in building their brand than helping prospective clients? Attend free consultations until you find the one that fits your needs.

My personal divorce lasted a long 6 years in the legal system, this is what’s kept me keen in this industry for almost 14 years, as my mission continues to be to help others to avoid landing in the trenches of a courtroom at costs that are totally unnecessary…..$30K, $40K etc. are crazy amounts, but aren’t unheard of out there.

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