The economic downturn can result in financial uncertainty, depression and feelings of loss of direction, but when it affects your marriage or significant relationship it really hits home.

Albertan’s have been here before, we’ve ridden the wave of the peaks and valleys of  the oil and gas industry, but this time it feels different, it feels like we’ll be in the ‘valley’ for a longer duration this time. If you’ve been use to living a different lifestyle while times were lucrative, it’s a huge transition when the need to get frugal is imperative.

What happens if the two of you have never shared the financial responsibilities or communicated about what your financial net worth is made up of? We often coast turning a blind eye in hopes of things turning around before the impact is obvious, but is that where you want to end up?

Building your net worth statement and talking about what that means for both of you can save your relationship or strengthen your relationship during these tough times or end your relationship by ignoring the impact it`s having.

Start communicating about the REAL issues between you, before you’re faced with the REAL big conversation about separation/divorce.

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