How long should the separation process take?  That’s really up to the two of you.

  • If you can recognize that the laws are there to protect you BOTH and that you’re BOTH working from the same set of rules, then that’s step one.
  • Step two – you both need to be reasonable and forget about trying to make your soon to be ex, PAY financially for whatever the reason was, that ended your relationship.
  • Step Three – get educated before you start talking between the two of you. You can’t expect to commit to something when you don’t know, what you don’t know.
  • The mediation process is really for individuals who aren’t out to dwell on or prove who did what to whom, but for those who want to move forward. It’s for those who would rather KEEP their networth between them, not exhaust it by lengthy legal battles.
  • It’s for those who seek to salvage a relationship for the sake of staying parents to the children between you, not for those who use their kids to bargain an outcome. It’s also not for those who make every effort to taint the image of the opposing parent to the children in hopes of having them align with only one of you.

IF IT’S DONE, IT’s DONE, but part ways with your dignity intact. It took both of you to get to the stage of ending your relationship, so there are no winners and it’s not easy for either of you.

If you feel you’ve made every effort to make your marriage work, then acceptance is huge in order for the healing to begin.

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