According to Stats Canada about 38 percent of couples who married in 2004 will likely be divorced by the year 2035.

Facing the topic of Separation and now what? Calgary Divorce Solutions can take it from there….

  • We’ll meet you in a neutral environment in order to determine what needs to be negotiated between you.
  • We’ll assist you in understanding what dividing the Matrimonial Property means for each of you.
  • We’ll help you to understand the topic of spousal support.
  • We’ll help you to understand child support and other related expenses for your child or children.
  • We’ll help you build a successful parenting plan to ensure that the children are still connected to both Parties.

The results;  a Mediated or Negotiated Agreement that will serve as the basis to the content of your Legal Separation Agreement upon obtaining Independent Legal Advice by a lawyer. Your process will be mediation focused and minimized by the need for lawyer involvement.

Divorce does not define who you are, nor does it carry the same stigma as it used to, however when you’re faced with it, it feels like you’re the only one going through it. Remember that no two situations are the same, so although the ones who are closest to you may think they’re looking out for your best interest by providing you with advice, it’s important to get unbiased information about how to proceed.  Calling now is  your first step

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