• Separation and Divorce is never Easy
  • Separation and Divorce never seems Fair
  • Separation and Divorce is Scary, brings out the worst in us sometimes, leaves us uncertain, stressed and anxious about what our futures will look like, but Mediation is a cost effective, time efficient and less stressful way of getting through this transition than litigation.


  • No one should leave HOW you are going to co-parent your child/ren to someone else besides YOU, as that child/ren’s parents
  • No one else, but you needs to get through the steps to the other side of starting out as a ‘WE’ and moving towards a ‘ME’
  • Accept  and Expect that you need to get educated in a process that takes the time to do so, not one that takes the control away from you and leaves you wondering how you got to where you ended up.
  • Understand that how your relationship came to an end is the ‘story,’ and you’ll likely never get what YOU THINK you deserve, since you did what you did without ever expecting your relationship to fall apart.
  • The BUSINESS, the BLACK & WHITE documents based on what’s relevant upon the separation is the basis to getting past this chapter successfully – GET EDUCATED!
  • WHO did what to whom, WHO should have done what during the course of your relationship…….this is not relevant, you stayed, so you silently accepted whatever you both did, you can’t penalize someone later!

Mediation will encourage your involvement, your voice, your desires, and provide you with options for how you’ll both be okay after this chapter ends. The one part that doesn’t end, is your relationship with your kids and the responsibility to be there for all of their triumphs and struggles. Mud slinging gets you nowhere!

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I’ve been there, I know what it’s like to be in that “unknown” stage which is usually the very first place you’ll be when one of you or both of you have drawn the line in the sand.  It took me 6 long years via the court system to get to a final resolve and cost me over $114,000.00, yes, I said $114,000.00, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. What I learned from the trenches of the courtroom  is that there’s no consistency to the judgements. You know your kids better than anyone else, you both know what’s best for them, most importantly – YOUR KIDS SHOULD NEVER PAY THE PRICE OF THE DEMISE OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE ENDING!

Make the commitment to not set out to ruin one another, to retain as much of your wealth as you can instead of paying everyone else to get you to the end of this chapter. The laws don’t change with the process that you choose, but the cost, the time, and the stress associated to lengthy litigation methods can directly impact your ability to co-parent successfully due to hard feelings towards one another.


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