What does providing full disclosure mean when I’m told I have to provide my documents? Take the anxiety out of the unknown by being more prepared.

CDS can help……

Do you understand WHAT financial disclosure you will need to gather?

Do you understand WHAT makes up your marital property?

Do you know what 3rd party statements that you will need to request?

If you want to know more about what you don’t know while your entering the separation process, then CDS can help. Going into your negotiations with more knowledge and a better understanding of all of the documents required, can save you unnecessary stress and costs while working with your lawyer. Not all files are mediation type files, however education is huge, no matter what process you’ve chosen to take and when you find yourself being ‘served’ with a notice to disclose from your spouse’s lawyer, it can fill you with nothing, but anxiety.

Hourly rates apply to this type of service, email linda@calgarydivorcesolutions.com 

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