Linda Roberts – Calgary Divorce Solutions (CDS)

It’s no secret that if we’re facing the topic of separation or divorce that the first thing we think about is cost, how do we take on the cost? It’s not unlike to spend month after month and sometimes years in the trenches of the courtroom and expect to pay legal fees for each of you in the ballpark of $15,000-$24,000. With daunting hourly lawyer rates of approximately $400.00/hour it doesn’t take long to add up.

The traditional system of retaining a lawyer from the onset of you embarking on a separation/divorce is no longer the only option, mediation allows you to be a huge part of the process. Taking it step by step in a methodical manner with a mediator will not only save you thousands of dollars, but it will save you time and unnecessary stress in an already difficult time.

There’s nothing EASY about divorce, but it can be done in a respectful, simplified manner especially if you have kids to co-parent for many years to come.

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