• What is Mediation? Mediation is a process with a 3rd party professional who is neutral towards both of you and helps by offering you options specific to your situation.
  • Are you and your soon to be ex-spouse suited for mediation? If you’re looking for a faster resolve, a process that welcomes your input and you’re seeking to leave with your dignity intact by being fair, then mediation is definitely an option.

At one time you and your spouse were on the same page which led to a significant relationship, so part ways by putting aside whatever reason your relationship ended. Move forward with a perspective that includes; acceptance, realism and understanding that there are no ‘winners,’ only two people whose lives took a different path and now need to regroup.

Seeking to ruin each other, to cause more pain and stay stuck, only stifles everyone which in turn builds more resentment. If you have children that resentment can make it impossible to parent without hating each other.

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