Isn’t it true that in this day and age we’re shifting our focus to being pro-active, rather than reactive to most topics? For instance;

  • Health – the media is all about what we can do to prevent illness such as; increase our daily exercise.
  • Nutrition – what foods to eat and not to eat, when it’s best to eat, how often we should eat throughout the day, red wine or no wine at all (what would life be like without wine at all? just kidding).
  • RRSPs and Pensions- invest in them for your future, for the day that you……
  • Life Insurance, property insurance, car insurance – everyone should have them in case of…….

But what do we do when it comes to committing to a significant relationship whether it’s to reside with someone or to marry someone? We jump right in and forget about being pro-active should that relationship end.

What’s negative about preparing a document expressing each of your expectations should the relationship end? Why do us as humans view this as being negative? Or that we’re somehow dooming the success of our relationship?

I think it’s important to realize that discussing the what if’s when we’re in a co-operative, positive state of mind, simplifies things should something change later.

No one goes into a significant relationship hoping that it ends, but no one takes out fire insurance on their homes hoping that their house burns down either. There’s nothing negative implied over the ownership of that house by having a policy or contract if you will, in place just in case, so why is it so different?

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