Christmas can be tough enough when your family is intact, but when you’re celebrating the holidays under a new family dynamic as a result of being separated/divorced it can add that much more stress to the season. Maybe some of these ideas can help…..

Surround yourself with friends and family and don’t be afraid to start new traditions, nothing saying something new can’t be just as fun.

Set a budget that you can handle, after all your financial world has likely changed. Kids have never been hurt by understanding that life isn’t perfect and sometimes being frugal is just a part of reality.

Decorate and plan ahead, some of the simplist decor can make a world of difference.

Communicating with your ex spouse for the sake of the kids to ensure you have some scheduled time with your children will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and helps to eliminate unnecessary stress.

Lastly and most importantly………………………..For the sake of your kids “Shelf your SH_T!

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