Dr Phil - Children learn

Parenting children through a divorce/separation can be done with success, but it takes time, patience and hard work.

Children need to know that no matter what, they won’t have to choose one of you over the other, and they don’t need to hear you argue or fight over the “adult issues.”

Children need to remain focused on ‘their own’ worlds, the need to be kids, the need to know that their world will be okay and most important “THEY NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON, BUT NOT UNTIL US AS THE PARENTS/ADULTS KNOW!

It’s a fallacy that kids shouldn’t be told anything. If kids know what to expect in an age appropriate manner, then they’re likely less to buck at the transition as things start to change. Don’t be surprised that some kids, just know more than you think!

Don’t forget that if you have kids under the age of 16, then you’ll both need to take a PARENTING AFTER SEPARATION COURSE (PAS). I highly recommend taking this course, sooner than later, after all, more information about how to parent in two separate homes in the early stages of separation, can only be of benefit to all of you.

Just because your marriage didn’t work, doesn’t mean that the parenting of your children won’t.

They deserve both of you!

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