Have you ever taken a course from an instructor who has no life skills? It feels like they’re simply regurgitating the information that they learned from that same textbook that they’re teaching you from?

I remember during my College days when I was taking psychology and having some of each type of instructor; the profs that actually lived through some adversity and who really lived what they were teaching. Then, I’d go to my less favorite class, that was taught by someone who hardly had to pay their own bills, never mind knew what it was like to really rise above some tough times.

I never thought that going through 6 years of my own challenging years of divorce court would ever turn into something that I could look back at as having a purpose. I’m fortunate though, because as tough as my personal experience was, it helped to shape my choice of profession that I passionately carry out today!

Working with someone who really knows where you’re coming from, someone who really understands the fear, the uncertainty and the mixed emotions that come with getting divorced/separated is invaluable.

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