I think the fear is real for BOTH men and women, after all, I’m not sure that anyone enters into a marriage hoping for it to end.

I also think that although it’s a very difficult hurdle, that the outcome of it comes with new possibilities, new growth and the opportunity to become comfortable with who we are as individuals again.

I remember some good advice that I was provided by a great friend of mine when my marriage first ended (of course, for myself, it was a 6 year process). It takes some practice, but it was; “Do 3 things, for yourself, by yourself, to enjoy yourself everyday. It sounds easy, but in a world of multi-tasking, it may be more difficult to master than you think.

I worried about going to a movie alone, or sitting in a coffee shop alone, what would people think? Surprisingly, when I started putting myself in some of those positions, I found that I wasn’t the only one who sat alone. Even more surprising was that I actually enjoyed it.

I’d be interested in hearing what your fears were you’ve moved through this chapter of your life already or what your fears are if you’re contemplating moving towards this chapter in your life.


Move on

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