The passionate part of my love for my job comes from the uniqueness of my clients and their situations, there’s no two stories the same.

Divorce and separation can touch anyone, all walks of people with a variety of networths (from thousands to millions), in all sorts of professions. What remains common to most is that divorce is painful, it it creates uncertainty in all that we are, affects our working worlds, it affects our children and their normal routines, our extended family relationships change, our financial worlds are challenged and whatever your role was while in a marriage is no longer what it’ll be in the days to come.

Acceptance, responsibility, good professional help (counselors, mediators, divorce specialists etc…), a regular routine of your own that provides you with positive influences (not people who advocate for your misery or add their own negative twists to it) some exercise and lots of sleep. All of these can help make, what otherwise can feel like an endless whirlwind of chaos, a situation that you have some sense of direction in and some control over.

Get help early, find out what you don’t know and spend some quality time with yourself so that you can commit to getting through this hurdle with dignity and minimal destruction. Leave the hate, resentment and hurt to your counselling and other support people to help you with, but don’t bring them to the negotiation/mediation table. Bringing emotions to the negotiation table will only prolong the pain and the process.

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