Where do I start? We’ve made the decision to end our marriage, but we’re confused by getting divorced or getting separated, what is the difference?

Think of your separation agreement of the document that will provide all of the necessary, key details to reference WHAT you acquired together, WHO gets what, HOW the untangling of jointly held marital property will be untangled and WHEN the necessary transactions need to take place.

If you have children, the separation agreement will include the details specific to your situation of how you’ll both stay connected to your children, while living in 2 separate homes.

If there’s support required, such as child support and/or spousal support, then this agreement, will also express the specifics surrounding these topics.

Find the process that’s best suited for you and your partner, do your homework. There’s no reason to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars in processes that leave you wondering what you just got yourself into, or worse, a process that leaves you uninformed and even more stressed than you were to being with.

Then, think of the divorce application as the document, that once you qualify for getting it, severs the marriage license, so that you can enter into another one.

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