Search for a divorce mediator that you really ‘click’ with, a divorce mediator that you trust and someone that you really think gets where you’re at. Have they been there? Have they been married and divorced? Do they have children? Sometimes the best ones to help, are the ones who truly understand, since they’ve been there themselves.

Does mediation mean that you need to be in the same meetings all of the time? Absolutely not. Does it mean that you need to be on the same page about EVERYTHING? Absolutely not. For mediation to be a consideration, you need to be open to  learn, open to discuss and open to find a respectful outcome to salvage enough for BOTH of you to start over with.

If you have children, you’re objective should be to keep things level headed enough that their worlds are minimally affected. Will life change? Absolutely it will, but does it need to tarnish your roles as parents to your children? Absolutely not.

Mediation will allow you both to be a part of the process and to come to a resolution that’s in the best interest of all of you.


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