Drama and Divorce Don’t Mix – dwelling on the reason that your marriage ended when you’re negotiating the outcome of your marital property, will only make the process drag on.

Divorce inevitably means transition, fear, anxiety, anger, resentment and these are only just a few of the words used by most, when describing their feelings and state of mind upon being faced with divorce/separation.

If your main objective in your divorce is to be financially compensated for whatever reason your marriage ended (adultery, breakdown in communication, lack of intimacy etc..) in the first place, then plan on being stuck in a lengthy legal battle for months or even years. Even worse, count on spending thousands upon thousands of dollars, just ask me after I spent over $100,000 and 6 years to get through my own divorce.

It’s so important to keep your emotions separate from the business. The laws are the same for both of you, the facts are the facts, the history is just that, it’s history. Who spent what in year 3 or 4 of your 10 year marriage doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is what’s relevant to the present.

  • Set your goal to be fair, rather than to win at all cost
  • Set your goal to set some healthy boundaries, not to lash out
  • Set your goal to move forward with dignity, not to stay stuck in the victim role

Finally, realize that being resentful or living in the past, gives the one who hurt you all of the power!

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