Divorce/Separation – Linda Roberts


Is it real or fallacy? Do our phones ring more as a company who deals with divorce & separation after this event? Absolutely it’s real….. and here’s my take on why.

It’s no secret that the upcoming Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – The Calgary Stampede, opens up the door to meet an abundance of people, party all night long, go to bars, beer gardens and anywhere else during this event, since the whole City of Calgary seems to pretty much shut down for anything else.  We’re more likely to find ourselves acting under conditions that can cloud our ability to make sound choices, after all, they’re not called beer gardens because of the lack of booze served!

Getting wrapped up in the moment or in the “hoopla,” can change everything in our personal lives, so when the 10 days of partying comes to an end, you may find yourself at the beginning of a process related to ” It’s Over! I Want a Divorce!”

Is it the Stampede, beer gardens, the bars, the corporate events themselves? No, this I believe is a marketing gimmick, but can these types of celebrations put us in a state of escaping our realities, especially when our everyday lives may not be as exciting as an offer of opportunity/escape for just 1 night? You bet!

I compare it to going on a holiday with our buddies, when our guards are down, when we’re relaxed and away from having to live up to our label/s….a CEO of a company, a business owner with oodles of responsibilities, a nurse who is always taking care of others and yes, sometimes a husband, a wife or a parent. We stop thinking beyond the moment without any consideration for what our actions may mean upon us returning from the celebration, or the trip away, and we’re back to our realities.

A few years ago I had someone tell me that upon arriving at whatever bar it was, you could take your wedding rings off at the door and pick them back up again on your way out. I’m sure my jaw dropped at the thought of how ridiculous that sounded, but if it really existed or exists, then steering from the whole institution of marriage would be a better choice… just sayin’

If the writing’s on the wall and your significant relationship has already been on the rocks, then his type of celebration may push it to a place of no return sooner than you anticipated.





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