You can’t help, but take notice to all of the controversy surrounding extra marital affairs as of late, now that the Ashley Madison event is front and center to every news channel and every newspaper out there.

I was listening to the radio on my way into work today and hearing the different perspectives from people of all ages, some married and some single. Some conclude and accept that having 1 partner for your entire life is not normal and that we were meant to be that way. Some also concluded that this is just  the’ way of our times’ and some of course, were totally opposed to it.

I wonder what our children of our generation will experience, will they be looking at marriage as an institution that binds them to a commitment forever or just for the time being? There are definitely no guarantees in life, but as a mother of two growing sons, I find myself totally confused as to to what to tell them as sound advice. Sometimes I feel like I’ve heard it all in my years of mediation and working with couples as their relationships have come to an end, but I’d still like to believe that we get married with the intent of having it last far beyond any year we can foresee in our future.

Maybe spending more time on ensuring our core values, our dreams, our ideas of raising children, our expectations for our choices of careers etc… is where we need to set our sites on when entertaining the idea of marriage, so that technology isn’t used to escape our realities.

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