If divorce or separation is what your reality includes today, will you know where to start? Who to talk to? Who you can trust? I wish I could have answered ‘yes’ to all of these pondering questions when I was faced with that same reality going through my own divorce.

The truth is that the only way out is through, but how you get through it is key. Bringing the spitefulness, the resentment and the desire to ruin one another, only means that you’re setting you both up for a long, costly, painful battle.

Acceptance and perspective are the key components to how successful your choices from here will be to an outcome that isn’t perfect by any means, but it can be close to what you’re hoping to achieve.

The constant comment I hear from those who have gone through a divorce by way of the litigation system is “I wish I would have known about mediation when I went through my own divorce.” Don’t let this be you, do your homework about the services of a professional, especially if that professional has walked in similar steps.

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