If anyone ever told you that going through a divorce made you feel like you were in the midst of a hurricane, would you believe them? The uncertainty of the direction of the storm, the lack of control that you feel to the outcome of the storm is very similar to being stuck in the midst of a legal battle. Some days you wake up wondering if the foundation of your life will still be on the ground at all……

We’re usually naive to understanding the very basics of what to expect from the process of getting divorced or separated and because we’re anxious and confused, we simply default to turning to the litigation/traditional  system.

Is the traditional system set up to LOOK FORWARD to how successful a couple can be if they’re BOTH exposed to being educated, BOTH have the opportunity to give and take after being educated about the facts to retain most of their networth  between them? Does the traditional system take into consideration BOTH parties if a couple has children? Does it provide an environment that isn’t about ‘winning and losing?’

Being parents doesn’t stop when a case is heard or a document is stamped in the hands of the legal system upon a divorce. The truth is, that once a child or children are involved you’re entangled for a very long time, so isn’t it worthwhile to seek out a process that ensures that the ones who know their children’s needs the best (you, the parents), are the ones that build the parenting plan from this day forward? “Till Death Do US Part” should really apply to becoming a parent and a vow we make to our kids.

Mediation is so worthwhile, so cost efficient, so time effective that there really is no better way to get beyond the feelings of being in the eye of the storm.

Calgary Divorce Solutions can help walk you through a process that leaves you feeling heard, understood and confident that life doesn’t end upon divorce, it just transitions into a new path.

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