Do you find yourself feeling like you need to lash out at your soon to be ex? Have you been in gridlock with negotiations for so long that both of you are feeling anxious and hopeless, feeling like you’ll never agree to a mutual outcome? The pain, the unknown, the chaos and the sense of having little to no control over your outcome, can bring out the worst in us.

After the line has been drawn in the sand and the topic of divorce is now both of your realities, then rising above the angst to bicker, bash one another, taunt one another, or to push each other’s buttons will only make the resentment grow between you and drag out the ability to close this chapter in a timely manner.

When you’ve finally found the right neutral third party to help you BOTH, it’s important to stay committed to the process, to leave your emotions out of the negotiations and to get additional support from a counselor to deal with the hurt and other feelings through the inevitable stages that you’ll need to get beyond.

There’s no way out, but through. To make it harder by getting under each other’s skin doesn’t help anyone so vow to be transparent and to seek a fair resolve.

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