We’re getting divorced – what do we need to do next and what can we expect?

Full disclosure is baffling to most, so don’t feel bad.

  • What is full disclosure?
  • How is it relevant to my separation?
  • How far back do we need to provide statements for?
  • What happens to the information that I provide?
  • How will I ever understand what all of this means to me?

Try not to get overwhelmed. The first step after finding the right professional to work with you, is to EXPECT to be walked through, what all of the above means? If someone isn’t willing to spend the time with you, to get you off on the right foot, then you’re not working with the right professional.

Full Disclosure means – everything that’s open, no matter whose name it’s currently held in, all of it needs to come forward in the form of a statement.

How is it relevant to my separation? – once all of the disclosure is gathered, it’s important for the person that you’ve chosen to work with you, to ensure that each of you understand WHAT that means to you. So don’t feel bad about knowing, now is the time to get educated!

How far back do you need to provide statements for? This may vary from file to file, but you should be well informed of the appropriate calculation date, prior to you setting out to gather your relevant documentation. So ensure that you’re clear in the instructions and to the WHY’s.

What happens to the information that you provide? This should be compiled into a detailed balance sheet, so that you can sit with your chosen professional in order to understand what your networth is comprised of. If you’re feeling lost, insist on as meetings as it takes, for you to feel firm footed on this step. This step is crucial!

Understanding how all of this has an impact on you, is part and parcel of the process that you’re working in. If you’re feeling like you’re in over your head, you’re paying ridiculous costs, only to be left more confused, then you may want to consider changing processes, or at the very least, change from the professional that you’re working with today to someone, who may be better suited for you and your situation.

Keeping it simple or the KISS rule, is often your best approach!

Start by finding that right professional – connect with linda@calgarydivorcesolutions.com for a free consultation today.


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