Here are some questions that you may find helpful in finding the right professional and company that you’ll ultimately trust with the details of your personal information……

Are they educated? How long has the professional been in the business of dealing with Parties who are separating/divorcing via mediation/negotiations?

During the initial call, was the company helpful and did they really listen to you? Did they offer you options that suited your needs? Did they ask you relevant questions?

Has the person you’re meeting with been there themselves, so really understands what you’re going through? Don’t let the size of the company lure you, or those that state they have a proprietary process. No matter where you go, getting it done right is going to take both of you to commit to the process, the same necessary disclosure will need to be provided, and the same topics will be necessary for you and your spouse to agree upon. The person you choose to help you, will need to be the right fit for you and your spouse and someone you trust, it’s as simple as that!

Trying to find the cheapest method, may only mean that you’ll pay down the road when the mistakes or misunderstandings arise. So do your homework, attend free consultations until you feel good about who you’re choosing to coach and navigate you through this huge transition.

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