CHANGE is what life is all about….unfortunately as humans, when we’re faced with change that makes us uncomfortable, we view it as a horrible thing.

I have to say that over my years of being on this earth, that my body has changed, my family has changed, my career choices have changed and my friends have changed. But through it all, I feel like I am, who I am today, because of it.

Have I experienced loss? Absolutely! The loss of my own family unit falling apart due to my parent’s divorce when I was a young child.The loss of my niece at her very young age of 14, the end of a marriage that led to my own divorce and the list could go on….. BUT, from all of these events, I’ve gained more compassion for others, I’m empathetic to my clients who are now facing divorce/separation. So would I rewrite history? Somewhat, but generally I am who I am today because of ALL of it.

To take it one step at a time, find someone you trust to walk you through the transition/process and look to the lesson you’ll take away from it!

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