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Linda Roberts formerly with Fairway Divorce Solutions, Calgary.

How and Why I Became Interested in Divorce Mediation

My initial passion when I was in my twenties was to open my own practice as a psychologist here in Calgary by the time I was 40, but when I decided to leave my marriage with my infant son who was 1 1/2 years old at the time, my path to become a psychologist was not what was going to get me through the next 6 years of litigating my divorce.

I remember what stepping into the courtroom for the very first time was like, it felt like I was about to enter into this tunnel not knowing what I was going to find on the inside of it or when I’d see the light at the other end of it. Naive to the legal system, I placed all of my trust into my first lawyer who I thought would get me past the uncertainty so that I could just move on with my life to raise my son in an environment that was now our new normal, in 2 homes with 1 parent in each house.

What I learned after the first year of litigation was that there is no fair, your lawyer has literally minutes to tell your side of the story to a stranger (the judge) who then makes a ruling about how you’re going to move forward that’s legally binding or gets moved to yet another day so that more information can be brought forward. By year 3 and onto my second lawyer, that pattern hadn’t changed, the resolve was no closer, but the cost was now almost $67,000.00.

It didn’t take long to understand that my lawyer’s lives went on at the end of their working day in court, the judges who sat the bench and heard my case along with the countless others who sat in the courtroom to tell their stories, went home to their lives at the end of the day, but what I went home to was a feeling of not knowing what to expect next and that same feeling continued for a total of 6 long years with a cost that accumulated to $114,000 and that was just for MY lawyers.

So if things are suppose to happen for a reason, then my reason for choosing a career in Divorce Negotiating/Mediating is to help prevent others from experiencing crazy legal costs, unnecessary time and stress of litigating and the destruction to your relationship that co-parenting becomes almost impossible due to hating each other so much.

I can’t be any more passionate than I am today, when I say that this alternative process will allow you to maintain some control to the outcome for your separation agreement. It has the ability to leave you feeling like you have a place to rebuild a new future from and it will allow you to be a positive role model to your children, as they watch both of you get through this challenging time with dignity.

Get through your separation with an affordable, less stressful, fair, and efficient process.

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What Our Clients Say

Just when life seemed so chaotic and I had no way of knowing where to start, we met with Linda to find out what to do next and the rest just seemed to take its course. Thanks Linda for being a good listener, but for also always looking out for my children and making us understand that we BOTH need to be successful in order to make sure that our kids are okay again.

T.R – Calgary, AB

Linda, when we both met you for the first time it made such a difference to us that you’ve been through your own divorce, it made us feel like you truly got it. As we got through our sessions with you it became evident that we chose the right person to guide us through our divorce.

S.N – Calgary surrounding area

My experience dealing with Linda as a mediator was great. Linda Listened to both sides, played no favorites and addressed any concerns/issues right away, she provided information and resources when needed.Linda always followed up and truly wanted the best for both of us and our children, she truly cares about her clients and is sensitive to situations, I would strongly recommend Linda as a Mediator.

C.G – Calgary, AB

Linda thank you so very much for making a very difficult time for me mostly pleasant and Positive. Your personality and attitude merits what you do in these situations.Thanks once again, you are fab!

R.E. – Calgary, Alberta (2014)

Thank you for your support and understanding of the divorce process and what is needed to get a couple after 24 years of marriage to both of us on our own today. The unravelling process that you lead us through was very detailed, but with your step by step leadership, it resulted in a fair negotiation with very few conflicts in our personal lives.We were successfully lead to know what was expected of our future relationship in reference to our children and life has started to take on a sense of normality once again.Thanks for your help and assistance through this challenging time in my life.

K.M – Calgary, AB

Empathy, patience, courtesy and professionalism were Linda Roberts' attributes during my journey through the stressful process. Linda built trust, kept us apprised and moved the process along. If you are motivated to making it work, Linda's mediation will help soften the rough patches that naturally arise. The process was a big unknown to me but I was ready to see it through notwithstanding mixed feelings and anxiety. Having Linda there as a guide was invaluable.

2014 - R.P

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