WHY did I choose to take on this career?

  • I have been there, it took me 6 yrs to get through my own personal divorce that ended up costing me over $114,000.00 in legal fees. It became my understanding that the legal system is flawed when it comes to dealing with our children via a divorce. NEVER leave the decisions of how your kids will be parented or raised in the hands of others.
  • My mandate was to help others to not have to go through anything close to what I had to and that by assisting my clients to stay in control of their outcome was the best way for them to get past this chapter successfully.
  • To ensure that as parents, the opportunity to salvage a positive co-parenting relationship was possible via a process that focusses on being FAIR and RESPECTFUL, COST and TIME EFFICIENT.

HOW long have I been in this industry and what knowledge do I bring to my company?

  • I’ve been helping people in this industry for over 12 years.
  • Completed Conflict Resolution at MRC, now MRU.
  • Received my Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation in 2010.
  • Have been a Commissioner for Oaths since 2014.
  • Started Working on a Paralegal Diploma in 2019.
  • Have taken several financial courses, humanity courses – sociology, psychology, women’s studies, parenting courses – I guess I’d call myself a lifelong student.
  • Have put on several seminars to help educate potential clients on what to expect during the separation/divorce process.
  • Helped countless of clients facilitate a mutually satisfied report that becomes the content of their legal separation agreement via a lawyer’s involvement which is extremely minimized from that of the traditional system. This report includes: the division of marital property, parenting plans, child and spousal support and completing and filing of their final divorce documents.


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