Separation Agreements vs Divorce 


Separation Agreements – includes many details, such as; what makes up your marital property, who will keep what, will need to be sold, what will need to be refinanced. how will the kids be taken care of, what kind of financial support is required and for how long. This agreement is the most important document to enter into in order to put some healthy boundaries between you and your soon to be ex spouse.


Divorce – The final divorce document simply severs your marriage license, it does NOTHING to deal with separating your marital property.

  1. In AB, you need to be separated for 1 full year, unless you’re filing under abuse/adultery
  2. You need to file in the province that you’ve resided in for 1 full year
  3. There are no outstanding financial issues between you
  4. For ‘joint’ filing, you both need to be on the same page about wanting this final divorce document.
  5. The cost for these is less than separation agreements and the process much simpler.
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