Getting out of a marriage or relationship when you feel like you deserve nothing, when you’ve been talked down to only to end up feeling so small, that getting back up feels impossible?

When you can take a step back and view things from the outside looking in, you may realize that you’ve been bullied by a narcissistic partner. These are the types of personalities that;

  • need to make others feel small in comparison to them
  • the ones that feel like they deserve everything and you nothing
  • the ones that feel like they’re the only ones entitled to whatever their names are on, no matter what you, as the other partner did to help create it.
  • the ones that belittle you
  • the ones that feel like their superior to you and have the need to be in control over everything
  • the ones that blame everyone, but themselves for what went wrong
It’s so important to remember that your self worth can only be robbed if you let someone do that to you, the need for you to stand strong and surround yourself with those who remind you of your greatest qualities should be your mission. Falling prey to these types of personalities will only leave you filled with regret if you let it overcome your clarity when you need to negotiate the terms of  property division, support issues and parenting topics. Get educated and stay focused on what you need for your future and that of your children.
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